Uzuner Chemicals which is founded ten years ago by domestic capital, become one of the most important cleaning chemical producers in a short time with wide product range and increasing production volume every passing year and company helped lots of brand which grows with demands that spreading on every part of the country.

Uzuner Chemicals, as a company allready maintained a wide range of distribution channels in domestic market,  we are proud of our export operations to Europe, with our standard products and also custom developed products manufactured according abroad demands. We are progressing trough our goals via our investments on innovation and technology, as well as investing domestic and international distribution channels.


%100 Domestic Capital 

Our business is funded with domestic capital which intented to reduce addiction to dependence on foreign sources. We aim to transform domestic capital and domestic workforce to value-added production and present that production as high valued product and service in both domestic and abroad. We offer this domestic production especially in the current based area than also to national and international market by taking advantage of İzmir’s and Turkey’s logictic advantages.


Production Based on Technology and Innovation

As Uzuner Chemicals, we have technology based invesments both on improving production,processes and producing new products and we integrate this to every part of our process cycle. We make an efford for both machine,equipment and human resource and also for improving cognitive fund with fast and impeccable producting principle.

Nonstop Research and Product Development

We continue to our nonstop work on improving our existing products and adding new products and ranges to our product options according costumer needs and industrial demands considering our experience in the industry and also the feedbacks that we are receiving from the wide area that we provide our service. Our business  get through on both product development for specific usage and presenting multi purpose products to the market.


Wide Product Range

We have products both suitable for domestic use and industrial use. We have personal cleaning products as liquid soups, hand creams as well as products who are effective on cleaning of bathrooms, floors, wall tiles, furnitures, carpets, kitchens and kitchen benches. Also we are specialized products on industrial cleaning and cleaning of automotive spare parts and equipments also general car cleaners and currently offering them in a wide range of market. Our multipurpose cleaning products are already became our company’s merchandise marks and highly accepted by the consumers and the whole market.

Wide Distribution Network and Export

We effectively provide our service with the distribution network that reaches every part of Turkey. We also represent our national distribution performance in export to other countries. In addition to the current export to Europe, we continue to our research for franchise and distribution network in new regions and countries. Soon we will be introducing our products to the new countries with our export convenient operational structure.


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